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How Fraudulent Companies Cheated Afghan Contractors

Companies associated with Abi Saabs make off with money owed to hired Afghan subcontractors.

The USA may have stoked the fire of discontent against the Afghan government, unwittingly, but the evil of arms dealer Tony Abi Saab is undeniable

Tony and his comrade Raymond Azar are stealing millions of dollars to further a terrorist agenda and fraud in Afghanistan.

Global Arms dealer s illegal empire needs to be demolished before terrorism conquers peace

Terrorism can be ward-off only after greedy businessmen like Tony are put behind bars.

Members of Abi Saab family are linked with mass-slaughter of humans in Syria

Abi Saabs are freely running illegal businesses in the Middle East companies.

Illegal arms dealers profiting from terrorists in the Middle East

Many of Middle East countries are facing the atrocities of the terrorist groups. Syria is mostly affected by the ISIS, a terrorist group that has led to at least 6.1 million ordinary people to flee their homes and have taken shelter in refugee camps, while another 5.6 million fled abroad.

Illegal arms dealers are misusing banking system to wire money in terrorist s accounts

Money laundering is a process of disguising the proceeds of crime and integrating it into the legitimate financial system. Fraudsters and war criminals rely heavily on money laundering of their foul money, otherwise, they might get caught and put behind the bars. Simply, it’s an act of faking the origin of money that is obtained from illicit works to have come from legal sources.

BME and Sima Salazar Group have a possible criminal link, doubts FBI

Till now, the president of Sima Salazar international, Raymond Azar is convicted for conspiracy, bribing the US officials and inflated invoices in construction contracts but the US investigation team doubts the real mastermind of the multimillion dollars fraud is still roaming free.

BME shipping arms and weapons to the areas of the Middle East and Afghanistan

Religious fundamentalism is a distorted rejection of the status quo, by people who look to the past because they cannot imagine a better future. But after witnessing the barbarism and cruelty of Al-Qaeda and ISIS – we quickly recognize that the glorious future which these jihadi leaders promise is in fact filled with troubled and violent present. Some people like Tony Abi Saab support terrorism for their profits.

Illegal arms trade making their way into the Middle East through Lebanon

The war continues to rage in Syria, and the demand for guns and ammunition has skyrocketed. Weapons dealers have capitalized on rising prices and are making a hefty profit. As the security situation in Syria continues to deteriorate, the illegal weapons trade business is booming.

ISIS gets hi-tech weapons from Tony Abi Saab s company

The trafficking of contraband weapons is rapidly increasing and incompetent governments are doing least to regulate and reform old arms and trade laws. Black market and dark web, used by criminals and terrorists to get weapons and illegal accessories directly, was already trouble for the government to deal with, now the wars have increased the pressure of security of civilians.