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How Fraudulent Companies Cheated Afghan Contractors

Companies associated with Abi Saabs make off with money owed to hired Afghan subcontractors.

The USA is embroiled in an expensive war in the Middle East. Lebanon, Iran and Afghanistan are flash points with terrorist gangs operating at will and making the lives of civilians and soldiers miserable.

In Afghanistan, contractors are running around with money made from swindling US troops when they go to work for the troops.

Thus the US Government temporarily barred Bennett-Fouch Associates and K5 Global from being considered for US contracts for fraud and criminal conspiracy. The firms were prevented by the US government from bidding for contracts for 18 months. The firms were owned by the Abi Saab group with the man called Raymond Azar at the helm.

Both Bennett-Fouch and K5 Global siphoned American government money owed to their Afghan subcontractors and ran away from Afghanistan. Their work had been to build American bases.

Both companies were also owned by an American identified as Sarah Lee who has dealings with Raymond Azar. When they would not pay, several Afghan firms had no money to pay their workers or complete their projects. When confronted with the charge of not paying the firms, the two companies claimed they had not been paid in turn by the US government. The US denied the charges.

Neither of the companies could be reached to address the allegations, said the US Government. Bennett-Fouch for example, had shut down both its local offices and bank accounts in Afghanistan.

The US military blamed the firms for increasing terror activities by not paying their Afghan subcontractors.

According to the US military, American laws prevented the government from paying the subcontractors directly. It advised the Afghan companies to sue Bennet Fouch and K5 Global in American Court.

Mohammad Shoaib Barakzai, head of the Barak Durani Construction and Logistics Co., said the two companies owed him $150,000. The subcontractor worked in southern Afghanistan's most conflict-ridden areas. He said that when there was a $1 million project, 100 people worked on it. He commented that Sarah Lee not only damaged the business of her clients, she hurt hundreds of poor Afghans by fleeing Afghanistan without paying her debtors.

All of these fraudulent companies and their fictitious owners are robbing the oxygen out of the lungs of honest performers and the Sarah Lees and the Raymond Azars of the world must be punished.

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